Changing the way we talk when we study the world

Some of you may know about Up-Goer Five, an xkcd comic that described the Apollo 5 rocket using only the thousand most common words in the English language. As a fun exercise, I thought I’d rewrite my last post in the same way, using the excellent The Up-Goer Five Text Editor. As well as being fun, it’s also an interesting experiment in just how much you can say even when you restrict the language you use. In the context of my blog and communicating in different languages, this is particularly fascinating to me. Did it make sense to you?

Changing the language of science Changing the way we talk when we study the world

People around the world all study how the world works, and they all speak different ways. But when they study and talk to other people about what they study, they often have to all speak the same way, which is the way that people speak in the place where it rains a lot and also in other places.

I think that using different ways of talking when we study how the world works is a good idea. It can help the people studying to think in a new way. It can also help new people to start studying it too, because they couldn’t talk the right way before.

Each way of talking has its own important bits, but when we only use one way of talking we miss the important bits from other ways of talking. It could be good for a lot of reasons to use new ways of talking to study the world.


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